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I never knew that I had this in me,I kinda think it came all too quickly.

Guess what: teenage girls buy records. They come to your shows.
Twenty-something pop punk dudes? They buy your record… then get mad that the next one doesn’t sound exactly like it. They go to your show… then get mad that you won’t get them in for free the next time because you’re “bros” and stand outside drinking in the parking lot. 
Teenage girls get stoked when they hear your band on the radio or see you get on a big tour. Twenty-something pop punk dudes call you a sellout.
Teenage girls will check your band out even if you don’t sound like their usual favorite genre. Twenty-something pop punk dudes only listen to you if you sound like the ten pop punk bands they already like.  
Teenage girls go to Zia at midnight to buy your record. Twenty-something pop punk dudes message you on Facebook asking if you can link them to a torrent.
Are all dudes in their 20s like this? Of course not. Shit, I’m a dude in my 20s. But  I get really tired of seeing this sort of sexist whiny bullshit from suburban neckbeards with anchor tattoos mad that someone outside of their XBox Live circle likes a band “they liked first”. 

dude totally mistook the actual meaning of the photo

dude is stupid

dude should quit

"English boys are so classy and charming" 

life struggles 

has anybody ever said that

Did the person making this actually play any games in the series

  1. Samus
  2. Zero Suit Samus
  3. Zelda
  4. Shiek
  5. Jigglypuff ( debatable
  6. Pichu (Debatable)
  7. Pikachu (Debatable 

more like i can’t believe they’re basically making it Brawl 2 

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Dowsing //  It’s Still Pretty Terrible /150
2013 12 inch pickups #dowsing #toucheamore #thewonderyears #twy #tssf #thestorysofar #naiharvest #joycemanor #transit #titlefight #vinyl

But guys…